Murrayburn Primary School Outdoor Classroom - 1 year on

Find out how the pupils are using their donated bus.

Edinburgh’s first outdoor classroom was donated by Lothian Buses to Murrayburn Primary School last year after they appealed to us for extra space for their staff and pupils.

The bus, painted in school colours with their logo on it was delivered to the school last June.

Since then it has become the centre of the schools outdoor learning projects and has encouraged them to work towards their Green Flag award.

The bus is used as a learning space for all the pupils throughout the week and on a Tuesday is used by the schools outdoor learning co-ordinator to teach the children to plant seeds, look after their environment and eat healthily.

Mrs Hadan, Murrayburn Primary School Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator said:

Having the outdoor classroom has been the catalyst to start our outdoor learning project which the kids love.

We have partnered with ‘Grow for Live’ to teach the children healthy eating and are planting herbs and potatoes to be eaten at school in the area around the bus.

I would like to thank Lothian Buses for their help donating this bus and helping us set it up in the playground.  It has made a huge difference to the school.

The school are now looking to the future and raising funds to get the area around the bus decked to make further use of the facilities and teach a wide range of subjects in an environment that the children can be creative in.


Posted on: Thu, June 06, 2013 at 8:53
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