Lothian autistic kids get their own Lothian bus.

To mark our year working with Lothian Autistic Society we have built them a toy bus.

Engineers at our Seafield depot have made a bespoke toy bus for Lothian Austistic Society to use at their play schemes.

The ‘ride on bus’, which is painted in our colours with Lothian Buses vinyls and ‘bus’ number plate, has space for four children who can pretend to be driving their favourite bus.

Kristin Armour, Lothian Autistic Society said:

We have had a fantastic year with the support of Lothian Buses and it has been a joy to meet so many wonderful people.  The children will thoroughly enjoy this ride on bus as it will help them with simple things such as sharing with others, taking turns and general social skills which they can find difficult at times.  To have something so personal to us made by the engineers is very special to us.

During the 12 months we have been working with Lothian Autistic Society, they have received over £60,000 of support including on bus advertising, free bus travel and donations from our staff and passengers.

Ian Craig, Managing Director said:

Lothian Autistic Society were chosen as our first Charity of the Year and we have enjoyed getting to know them and helping them with the work that they do.  With many of the chldren they support loving our buses, a toy version seemed liked the perfect gift.


Posted on: Mon, February 25, 2013 at 1:24
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